Feature Standard Professional
  Level 1 Levels 2 & 3
Professional Schematic Capture x x
Fully Customizable BOM Reporting x x
Assembly Variants for Product Configuration x x
Professional PCB Layout x x
Layer Stackup Management x x
Full Design Rule Management x x
Design/Layout Re-use with Project Clips x x
Pins In Netlist 1) 500 - 2000 1000 - Unlimited
Shape-based Power Planes 2) 1 Per Layer Unlimited
Global Shape Based Autorouting x x
External Autorouter Interface 3) x x
Differential Pairs Support   x
Automatic Length Matching / Net Tuning   x
3D Board Visualisation   x
MCAD Export (STEP/IGES)   x
Board Autoplacement   x
Dynamic Teardrops   x
Custom Scripted Autorouting   x
Command Driven Interactive Autorouting   x
ODB++ Manufacturing Output   x
Gate-Swap Optimizer   x
1) Refers to a physical pin in the netlist. Terminals and vias do not count towards your limit!
2) Standard (Level 1) power planes must cover and entire layer (board edge to edge) and cut-outs are not allowed.
3) Provides a standard "design file out / session file in" interface for most common external autorouters.